Pictured here is one of the oldest, among many, sleuk riths that is known to have survived the Khmer Rouge regime. It is aged over one hundred years old. Photo by Chy Terith.


The Sleuk Rith Institute is the leading center of genocide studies in Asia, fostering memory, justice and reconciliation in Cambodia and throughout the region.

Sleuk riths are dried leaves that Cambodian religious leaders and scholars have used for centuries to document history, disseminate knowledge, and preserve culture during periods of harsh rule. They represent both the beauty of knowledge and the power of human perseverance during times of peril.

Like the leaves for which it is named, the Sleuk Rith Institute is a place aim to build Cambodia's future by preserving knowledge of its past. Through the themes of Memory, Justice and Reconciliation, the Sleuk Rith Institute will be a guiding light of genocide knowledge in the region, containing a network of museums and education initiatives, a regionally focused research center, and an internationally recognized school.

The Documentation Center of Cambodia's (DC-Cam) quest for memory and justice has been focused on building Cambodia's future through the lens of remembrance and reconciliation. It is about the struggle for truth in the face of an overwhelming power that virtually destroyed our society, a power that continues in more subtle ways to threaten our aspirations for a prosperous future. Through its work, The Documentation Center of Cambodia has built a foundation upon which all Cambodians can find firm footing in moving toward a better future. On this foundation we will build the Sleuk Rith Institute.

Now is a crucial time for Cambodia. With 70% of the country born after the Khmer Rouge era, Cambodians run a real risk of losing the opportunity of understanding, memorializing and ultimately learning from their difficult history. At the same time, a rapidly globalizing Cambodia faces new challenges of sustainable growth, democratic integrity and human rights. Evolving from the Documentation Center of Cambodia, the Institute is a bridge connecting the memory of the past, justice today, and a future of reconciliation.

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