Three families living in the jungle, on the river, and in the countryside of Cambodia, stand at the brink of an uncertain destiny and future. Photo by Mam Kalyanee.

Knowledge and education are the keys to Cambodia's future. To promote learning about history, human rights, and related issues, the second pillar of the Sleuk Rith Institute will be a research center with a media center, through which we will distribute educational materials to a much wider public audience.

A Hub for Genocide Research - DC-Cam has been an indispensable resource for much of the leading work on the Khmer Rouge history since its inception, hosting up to 200 research visitors per year. In the future, we intend to develop a more formal program of local and international visiting fellows to complement our existing staff of Cambodian experts. In 2007, the International Association of Genocide Scholars recognized us for excellence, noting that we are the only center of our kind in Asia and encouraging us to expand our research agenda. We aim to be the leading research center on genocide in Asia.

A Media Center - Only by disseminating the truth widely can we help Cambodians heal and move toward a brighter future. We plan for our media center to become the source of a wide range of educational materials for the public. We already have a majority ownership stake in a printing press (the JSRC Press) located beside our new plot of land. We intend to take full ownership of the press and publish our existing monthly magazines and scholarly books, as well as an expanded repertoire of academic monographs and works for the public. We also intend to launch a major English newspaper that is geared to Asian audiences and deals with issues of justice and human rights.

So Farina, Ph.D. Candidate