'My parents used to tell me that the Khmer Rouge forced them to eat fertilizer made of human and animal waste. They were also tortured.' Nha Sreyleak, age 15, wants to become a surgeon. Photo by Mam Kalyanee.


While the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum has been a success in generally raising awareness of the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge, it still lacks a thorough educational dimension, which would make the experience of visiting more dynamic, educational and memorable. Since its conversion from a place of learning to a place of horror and degradation, Tuol Sleng has never reclaimed its original status. However, in the future, in order to reclaim the positive, educational heritage of Tuol Sleng and add an educational element to the museum, a classroom has been created to provide free lectures and discussions on the history of the Khmer Rouge regime and related issues, such as the Khmer Rouge tribunal.

The classroom now serves as a public platform for visitors and survivors to share information and preserve an important period of Cambodian history for future generations to learn from.



Tuol Sleng History Classroom
Schedule from October to December 2013

10/7, 11/1, 11/29, 12/20, Dr. Eng Kok-Thay: How the Khmer Rouge came to power, security system, administrative division, and the liberation of Tuol Sleng Prison.

10/23, 11/15, 12/9, Chy Terith: Duch: his criminality and his victims.

10/4, 10/28, 11/20, 12/13, Vanthan Poeudara: the Khmer Rouge History and the tribunal.

10/9, 10/30, 11/22, 12/16, Dy Khamboly: the Khmer Rouge history and Genocide Education.

10/21, 11/13, 12/6, 12/30, Ly Sok-Kheang: the Khmer Rouge history and Reconciliation in Local communities.

11/4, 12/18, Men Pechet: the Khmer Rouge history and Victim Participation at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal.

10/2, 10/25, 11/18, 12/11, Long Dany: the Khmer Rogue and Low Ranking Cadres.

10/18, 11/11, 12/4, 12/27, Ly Sokchamroeun: the Khmer Rouge history and the fall of the Khmer Rouge.

10/14, 11/6, 11/25, 12/23, Chea Phalla: the Khmer Rouge history and Public Inform.

10/16, 11/8, 12/2, 12/25, Nhean Socheat: the Khmer Rouge and their administrative system.

10/11, 11/27, Kimsroy Sokvisal: the Khmer Rouge and Chum Mey, survivor from Tuol Sleng Prison.